Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today's addict purchase is a gorgeous pair of shoes from Peep Toe. 'Miss Felicity' is a gold snakeskin heel with the signature red leather sole. They look great on, with only a teeny gap on the inside of the foot. The sole is very cushiony! My newest most glamourous shoe.

Available ON SALE online for HALF PRICE!!!! They were $110.00 at Postage is $10.00. Super quick delivery, although my shoebox was slightly damaged but I think that was Aus Post's doing.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today's addict purchase is the Zoe Wittner 'Vixen' Gladiator heel. It's gorgeous! Super soft leather and not at all heavy. Haven't worn it out (yet) but it was very light on the foot when I tried it on. Saw it on a young glamourous thing on Saturday night, she was wearing it with opaque tights stretched over her heel and a sharp dress and they looked great. They are the closest copy to the Dior shoe, however with a much more friendly heel. The Dior shoe has a silver spike heel, the Wittner heel is chunkier and black which minimises the 'too dressy' factor a little.

Available online at or in store for $169.95.

Update - did not buy the Oroton bag. Yet.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's addict purchase is only a WISHFUL purchase at this stage... It's Oroton's Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Black Mesh Barrell bag and IT'S GORGEOUS!!! Have seen it in the flesh at the store and it is beautiful. Soft black leather, black mesh detailing, 70th Anniversary plate... Only 100 editions made!!! And I want one.... But it's $795.00.

But I can't stop thinking about it!

I am considering going to get it today but might force myself to wait out the weekend at least.

It is an investment piece though.... I'll have it forever, and give it to my daughter (who I am yet to have but you know, eventually).

Oroton does not do layby so this will be a credit card expense...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's shopaddict purchase is Melli Cosmetics 'Velvet Silk Perfection Mousse Primer'. There have been numerous favourable reviews of this product in the papers recently. It is as good as they say. I used to use Clinique's Porefection Pore Minimizer but this product is far superior. It smooths out skin tone, neutralises redness and fills pores. It's not at all greasy. I have been wearing it on its own, with no foundation or powder over the top at all, and have had comments on how nice my skin looks. This, in the middle of biting Sydney winter, is a compliment indeed. Lasts most of the day (I guess it would last longer if I stopped touching my skin to feel how smooth and nice it is!) and is an excellent base. Have thrown my Benefit Benetint and Clinique into the dustbin! This is the only primer I will use from now on.

Melli Cosmetics is an Australian company, the Velvet itself is made in Italy.

Available directly from for $68.00 plus postage. Delivery is super quick and customer service exceptional, with an immediate confirmation email from Melissa herself.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today's addict purchase is (another!) pair of shoes... again from Tony Bianco who has been spot-on this winter with their styling. Looking forward to the summer collection also (coveting Gladiator style at the moment - panels though, not straps and buckles)...

These are 'Lacey' - black studded round toe heels that were supremely comfortable as I staggered from dinner late Saturday night to the Irish pub in Hardware Lane...

I think the round toe says 'demure' while the heel says 'rock chick', which suits me down to the ground.

I got mine for $60.00 (!!!) but they retail for $119.95. In stores now.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Today's addict purchase is a pair of Tony Bianco 'Victory' boots in flat black leather. I got mine from the Tony Bianco outlet store at DFO in Spencer Street, Melbourne. The boots are panelled and have a medium size heel, not too high, this means they will be a great daytime boot. Finally shoe manufacturers have become a little more generous in the foot-size-to-calf ratio and I found these boots quite easy to get on and off. They do need a little push to get into the heel cup, and a little tug to get them off, but no wrestling or friend required (I have some boots that should have come with a tag stating "friend required to remove"). The Victories were $189.95, but I got mine for a bargain $100.00. That certainly made me feel victorious.... Available on the website at for $150.00 plus postage.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today's addict purchase is the Witchery parka which comes in black, olive and cream (ecru). It's slightly longer than previous year's models, which means that little bit of back over the kidneys is kept warm and nice, especially if you are wearing hipster jeans. Hood with fur is removable. Zipper is good quality but can be stiff, and do be careful not to catch the fold of fabric in it as you zip up.

RRP $AU149.95 now reduced to $AU99.95 in store and $AU119.95 online (plus postage)

Navy available at full price in store.